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Genie TimeLine Home promo code

An Overview of Genie Timeline Home

What is Genie Timeline Home?

Genie Timeline Home is the special tool created for the home users so they can save all their important data and restore it whenever needed. This software is fast and light weighted and allows you to continue your work without interruption as it works silently in the background. With its Disaster Recovery feature, the user can restore the whole PC after crashes, hardware failure, virus attacks etc.

Special Key Features of Genie Timeline Home

Special features of Genie Time line Home are as follow:

  • Saves Space: With automatic purge, it saves space.
  • Restore Files: It makes timeline of your data so you can restore files easily by seeing what you want to recover.
  • Merges with Windows: With this feature, your backup is controlled by the right-click of your mouse; you can add and remove files and recover old versions of files with ease.
  • Work Automatically: You don’t have to do anything after its installation; it works automatically. After disconnections and pauses, it resumes on its own.
  • Allows Ease Backup Frequency Setup: You can set the time of when you want to back up your data.
  • Connects with iPhone/iPad Apps: You can know your backup status anytime anywhere with iPhone/iPad Apps.
  • Backup Anything: You can create backup of your music, videos, documents, pictures etc. and can view it even on the computer that don’t have this software installed.
  • Keep Versions of Old Files: Your files are never lost with it. It keeps the part of deleted and older files.
  • Protects Mobile Data: All the data that is synced with your computer remains protected.
  • Allows System Recovery: With Disaster Recovery feature, it provides automatic system backup to any recovery point of your like.
  • Doesn’t Slow The PC: It works silently and doesn’t take much space on your system.

How Genie Timeline Home Works?

Just install Genie Timeline Home in your PC for once and leave the rest to it as it works automatically without you even knowing.

Why Should I Choose It Over The Rest?

Genie Timeline Home is efficient and simple to use software that keeps the data protected without troubling you. Choose Genie Timeline Home if you want a professional to keep your data secure forever.

Bottom Line

Genie Timeline Home is specially design for the home users who want to backup their system without any risks. With all its remarkable features, Genie Timeline Home is one best backup tool to select. Now avail all the amazing features of Genie Time line Home in less. Use our Genie Timeline Home coupon code at the time of purchase and save 10% amount right away. Gain this wonderful advantage without any delay.

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