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Special Genie Backup Manager Coupon Code

Now backup your data with the perfect deal; get Genie Backup Manager Home in less now with our Genie Backup Manager Home promo code. Use the Genie Backup Manager coupon code to get 15% off on your purchase right away. The offer may not last long so avail this advantage today and keep your files save forever.

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How to Redeem Genie Backup Manager Coupon Code?

Getting the discount with us on Genie Backup Manager Home is hassle-free. Just select the product and click on the Genie Backup Manager Home coupon code above to redeem the discount right away.

Genie Backup Manager Coupon

What is Genie Backup Manager Home?

Genie Backup Manager Home is specially made for the users who want to have the full control over the backup creation. It is the software that is designed to protect your data in way you like. You can select from three special backup options:

Full: This setting backs up all the data whenever you run it.

Incremental: Backup only those files which are changed or added recently after your last backup.

Mirror: Delete missing files from backup and also backs up any new or changed file.

Special Key Features

The key features of Genie Backup Manager Home are as follow:

  • Three backup Types: With three backup options, you can fully control your backup.
  • Disaster recovery: When your drive crashes or you become a victim of virus attack, just back up your whole system with this feature.
  • Comply with any Backup Plan: You can go for CD/DVD/Blu-ray and FTP/FTPSl whatever you like.
  • 128-bit AES encryption: It uses 128-bit AES encryption to keep all your backed up files save and secure.
  • Resource Friendly: After backup, it powers down your computer and also when logged off, it runs back up.
  • Easy Access To Your Files: You can access all your backed up files without installing any other software. You can see your files on Windows Explorer directly. It doesn’t compress your file which allows easy selection of files recovery.
  • Gives Full Control On Backup Timings: You can schedule backup according to your own will.
  • Keep Your Data With You Always: The backup status will be sent to your inbox so you can always remain updated with special email notifications.

How Does Genie Backup Manager Work?

After you set the schedule or leave the backup job to the Genie Backup Manager Home, you really need to do nothing. The work will be done by the software itself.

Why Should I Choose It Over the Rest?

Choose Genie Backup Manager Home if you want to have the full control over your backup files. Not many backup software programs allow it.

Genie Backup Manager Home is the one perfect tool to keep your data protected in the most efficient manner. It allows you to be the master of your own backup. Now have the same backup manager but pay less. Our readers can enjoy the discount of 10% on their purchase without any delay. All you need to do is to use our Genie Backup Manager Home coupon code. Click on the code to redeem your discount.

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